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I Escaped WWII Pearl Harbor

I Escaped WWII Pearl Harbor

I Escaped 16
By Scott Peters & Ellie Crowe
Published by Best Day Books For Young Readers
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The I Escaped Series: The World's Favorite Escapes.

In this stellar, impactful book, a young teen navigates the devastating chaos of the Pearl Harbor attack during WWII. A Notable Children's Release from multi-award-winning Ellie Crowe and Scott Peters.

15-year-old Billy embarks on a perilous journey to save his father during the World War Two assault on Pearl Harbor. Initially dismissed as a mere drill, the reality quickly dawns on Billy and his family. The island of Oahu is under attack! Worse, his dad is down there on the USS Oklahoma, laid up in the sick bay with two broken legs. He'll never be able to escape on his own. But what can Billy do? He's just a kid and he's way out of his element. Still, he has to act. Braving a hail of gunfire, Billy navigates his way to the harbor, boards a rescue vessel, and daringly ascends the rapidly sinking Oklahoma battleship. In the chaos below deck, he finds his injured father, setting the stage for a dramatic rescue.

On December 7, 1941, Pearl Harbor was attacked on a day that changed the course of American history. This story captures the resilience and courage of those who lived through this tragic event.

Perfect for kids who are fans of war stories and history, especially those fascinated by World War Two. It delves into military history, bringing to life a significant historical event of this era. Young readers will encounter the bravery of soldiers, Marines, and war heroes from the Navy and Air Force. Packed with educational facts about battles, generals, and strategies, all presented to captivate and educate young minds about this pivotal period in American history.

"I Escaped WW2 Pearl Harbor" is the 16th children's book in the I Escaped Series about brave kids who face real-world challenges and find ways to escape.

Great for kids' book clubs and classrooms-a study guide is available at

Contains a bonus fact section about the Pearl Harbor Assault, military war heroes, and more
Black and white illustrations bring each chapter to life
Real survivor quotes and photos are included

It's the parent-approved Survival Series that celebrates the awesome history of us!

An essential, relevant read about bravery, duty, family bonds, and finding the courage to never give up.

Paperback, Hardcover, eBook, Audiobook | 114 pages | $9.99 USD | 6 x 9 | January 5, 2024