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I Escaped Komodo Dragons

I Escaped Komodo Dragons

I Escaped Komodo Dragons
Predator of the Wild
I Escaped 18
By Scott Peters & Ellie Crowe
Published by Best Day Books For Young Readers
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The I Escaped Series: The World's Favorite Escapes

Three friends battle stormy weather and a hungry Komodo dragon when they're trapped overnight atop a barren rock.

From bestselling authors Ellie Crowe and Scott Peters comes a gripping tale of survival for young readers.

On a stormy night in Indonesia, American teenagers Jake and Tay and their local dive guide find themselves in a harrowing predicament. High on a rock in the ocean, they huddle together as the wind howls and the rain pours down. Below them, lurking in the water, a hungry Komodo dragon waits for an opportunity.

Jake and Tay’s local dive guide may know a lot about Dragons and the ocean, but right now, all three are just scared teenagers. With no way to call for help and the relentless rainstorm making their situation worse, survival seems like a distant hope. Will they make it through the night and out of this dangerous encounter with the cunning Dragon?

This is the 18th children's book in the I Escaped Series about brave boys and girls who face real-world challenges and find ways to escape disaster.

The short chapters make for easy wins, and the kids' gripping situation keeps even reluctant readers turning pages to find out what will happen next.

Great for kids' book clubs and classrooms. A study guide is available at

• Contains a fascinating fact section about Komodo dragons, the world’s largest lizards
• B&W illustrations bring every chapter to life

Flesch Reading Ease: 85.6
Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level 3.2

An important, relevant read about bravery, kindness, and courage.

"a must for every reading list"

Can the three friends survive disaster? Read it and discover why the I Escaped Books are the World's Favorite Escapes!

Paperback, Hardcover, eBook | 116 pages | 6' x 9' | 978-1951019532 | July 8, 2024